Addons for LatePoint

Easily extend the functionality of LatePoint by installing various addons.


This addon provides an ability to add coupons for your customers to be used on their bookings.

Customer Messages

Adds ability to send files and messages to your customers, customer can reply to you from their cabinet.

Custom Fields

Allows adding custom fields for customers to enter, which will be saved under their profile.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar integration for agents. Agents can sync their events from Google Calendar and bookings from LatePoint.

Group Bookings

Adds support for group booking and allows you set capacity for your services


Adds support for multiple locations

Multiple Service Durations

This addon adds ability to add multiple service durations with custom charge and deposit prices for each duration.

Payments Braintree

Accept payments on your site using Braintree Payment Processing

Payments Paypal

Accept payments on your site using PayPal Gateway

Payments Paystack

Accept payments on your site using Paystack Payment Gateway

Payments Razorpay

Accept payments on your site using Razorpay Payment Processor

Payments Square

Accept payments on your site using Square Payment Processing

Payments Stripe

Accept payments on your site using Stripe Payment Processor

Qr Code on Confirmation

Generates QR Code for a booking, pointing smartphone camera at this code will add appointment information to customer's calendar.


Adds ability to send sms and email reminders before and/or after appointments

Service Extras

This addon adds an ability to add service extras to your services.

SMS Twilio

Text message notifications via Twilio

TimeZone Selector

Adds a timezone selector on a date/time picker step, as well as ability for customer to change timezone in their cabinet.

Zoom Meetings

This addon will allow you to automatically generate Zoom Meetings for your appointments