Scheduling Plugin for WordPress

Intuitive User Interface

Improve conversion rate by making your customers enjoy the booking process.

Customer Cabinet

Let your customers manage their appointments, send you messages and more.

Dashboard for Agents

Agents can manage their schedule, chat with customers and connect their Google Calendar.

Extendable Core

Extensive library of add-ons helps you extend the functionality. Or write your own add-ons.

How does it work?

With a simple 3 step installation process and a helpful setup wizard you will get ready to accept bookings in no time.

Install LatePoint Plugin on your WordPress site.

Install Plugin

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High Performance

Stop being punished by search engines because of poorly coded and bloated plugins. LatePoint is using native WordPress functionality and follows the coding standards.

What makes it Special?

For Business Owners

Stay on top of your business with our powerful and easy to use administrator dashboard.
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For Customers

Give your customers control over their appointments and an easy way to contact you.
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For Agents

Your agents can access their own dashboard to manage schedule and view performance reports.
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For Developers

Built for developers by developers, fully extendable and modular. We've implemented hooks and filters which you can use to extend the functionality.

Use Native WordPress Hooks and Filters

Create your own add-ons with our starter guide

How to Extend - Guide

We've created a tutorial, that shows best practices in extending LatePoint.
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Add-on Starter Template

Extend the functionality of LatePoint by using our starter add-on plugin.
External Service

Integrations via Add-ons

Connect third party services to trigger events after a booking is created or edited.
When Appointment is Booked
Google Add-on
Zoom Add-on
Twilio Add-on
Add to Google Calendar
Two Way Sync
Create a Zoom meeting
Notify your agents with SMS

Accept Payments

Native support for popular payment processors and gateways available by various add-ons. No need for bulky third party plugins.
Credit Cards
Deposit of Full Amount
PayPal Payments
Pay on Arrival
Extend with add-ons to natively support various payment gateways


We've worked hard to make LatePoint mobile friendly. It almost feels like a native app.
Simple and Intuitive

User Interface

LatePoint features an intuitive user interface for your customers, agents and administrators.
Password Protected

Agent Access

Let your agents access their own dashboard, where they can manage appointments, customers and their work schedule.

Try Sandbox Demo

Get access to your own sandbox with a pre-installed plugin, use it for 7 days to propose to your client or test capabilities.
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Try Sandbox Demo

Get access to your own sandbox with a pre-installed plugin, use it for 7 days to propose to your client or test capabilities.
Get Free Access

Setup Wizard

With a simple 3 step installation process and a helpful setup wizard you will get ready to accept bookings in no time.
Password Protected

Customer Cabinet

Let your customers access their personal cabinet, which allows them to cancel and review their appointments and personal information.
SMS and Email

Appointment Notifications and Reminders

Our powerful notification system let's you use third party messaging providers like Twilio to integrate SMS and Email reminders and appointment notifications.
To: Agent
To: Customer
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Reputable Company

We have been developing premium plugins and themes for over a decade. We always stand by our work and support our customers all over the world.
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Support tickets
Art Rective

The most flexible wordpress plugin I have ever seen

This is probably the best comprehensive most flexible wordpress plugin I have ever seen and I would consider myself as a heavy wordpress plugin user. The plugin is well-thought, structured, easy to use, amazing UI and an awesome customer support.
Amalgam D.

Admin dashboard is gorgeous.

Hard to pick a single feature that makes this plugin better than other booking plugins. The ux/ui design is intuitive & classy. Admin dashboard is gorgeous. The order process flows perfectly, removing a LOT of opportunity for cart abandonment.

Feel lucky to have found this plugin!

I can't believe that one plugin has so many useful features, such gorgeous design, that too with ease of use! It's loaded with every feature I was looking for (and can even imagine), and even my customers have commented on how beautiful the interface is!

Best design ever and best support!

The best Booking plugin for WordPress that I have found after several months trying a dozen of other plugins. I can't wait for the next updates with new features coming! I think that with new addons and updates, LatePoint will be the best plugin ever!
Buro Brein

I think this has to be one of the best booking systems

There is no reason no get any other booking plugin, this is it, it does everything, it is very flexible, simple and yet powerful. I really wish other developers could do such an amazing job. Thank you!
Aj Wurtz

Where has this been my entire life?

Smashes all the competition out of the water, all the add-ons are free if you buy the code-canyon plugin, plus tons of features that other plugins don't have. Not to mention the UI - so beautiful. I'm just upset I didn't find it earlier!